IHOP Guest Survey

The International House of Pancakes is one of the leading restaurant of its kind across America. The breakfast food restaurant has been part of the landscape for a long time now, providing great dining experiences to guests and serving up a whole bunch of cuisines. It has over time spread its tentacles beyond the USA and today has franchises in Asia, Oceania and the Middle East.

IHOP has a keen interest in the affairs of its customers and pays attention to the kind of experience they get at any of the 1650 locations.

This explains why they are rolling out a survey that targets people that have actually visited a location. To fill in the survey, you will of course need a recent receipt from any IHOP location.

The survey process

1.  Visit www.talktoihop.com.

2. Fill in the survey code from your receipt.

This code is located at the very bottom part of your receipt. It won’t take time as all you need to do is simply look at the figures and enter. You absolutely need to get this part right because you do not want to end up filling in details that do not relate to you or your experience.

3. Fill in the date and time of your visit.

This shouldn’t be difficult as it is always provide on your receipt.

4. Finally, you will need to feed in the ID of the server that attended to you, which is also on the document and is up to 7 digits long.

After filling in that simple data, you are then directed on to a page where a list of questions is laid down. All the questions will evolve around the issue of your experience at IHOP, and the best way to go all about it is to be truthful. At the end of the survey, you will find details on prize, promotions and even contact details for the restaurant chain.

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